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Halloween Costume Contact Lenses

Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

Have you seen these crazy  special effects lenses ?!?  They are running a 20% discount right now (over $99) for new customers and free shipping.  Just enter the code:  new20vision at checkout to get the discount. 

Costume contact lenses are an excellent way to add a finishing touch to your halloween costume.  The lenses are FDA-approved.  Most lenses are available in prescription powers.  They have large-diameter schleral specialty contacts that will cover most of your eye for a spooky, out-of-this world effect!  They are so  BIZARRE and SCARY  looking – you have to check them out.  There is a Dragon, Dracul, Risen-Dead, Griffen, Biohazard, Flames and Jagged Teeth, to name a few.  They are the most awesome effect.  Some of the ‘normal’ sized contact styles available are:  White Cat eyes, Red Cat eyes, Temptress – an interesting pink, Blue Zombie, Fire/Darth – which are yellow with red around the outside rim, Black Out – very cool, the Pyro has orange flames on white background, and the Black Wolf. 

For fans of Anime – there is a wide selection of lenses for you to choose from.  And there is a whole line of movie-inspired lenses.  Check out the Spider Web ones.  There’s also a Palpatine, Crow, Orc, and Exorcism-Sarah.   These lenses are AMAZING!

The Scarecrow lense is one of my favorites.  Blood Red is good, too.  The Psycho lense has a black center with b/w rings around it.  I also like the Gargoyle, Atlantian and Lycan ones.  Necromancer is a vibrant shade of purple.

Have fun with these lenses and get double and triple looks from your friends.   Check it out HERE .

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