Adult Vampire Costume

An Adult vampire costume is always a party pleaser.  Be the lifeblood of the party with these fantastic costumes:

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Vampires are all the rage currently.  Books, movies, TV shows abound. What is your favorite?  Gone are the days when Dracula was your only choice.  (Although, I did just find a couple of great Victorian vampire costumes.)   What better Halloween costumes for couples than his and her vampire costumes?  Care to be a 
Fang Banger ? Blood Vampiress?  What about a sexy Countess?  Or maybe a hot Coffin Queen?  Vampires make the best  sexy Halloween costumes .  There are plenty of different Halloween vampire costumes for everyone.  The yummy  Count Chocula  is great for a funny Halloween costume, especially because it’s an adult vampire costume version!

Have you considered some scary costume contact lenses?   These things are crazy!  Plus there is a  20% discount  going right now.

Here you can find unusual Halloween costumes,  infant  Halloween costumes, costume  wigs , costume  masks , discount Halloween costumes, plus size adult costumes.  This site has the largest selection of women vampire costumes and men vampire costumes.  There are tons of accessories like a vampire  makeup kit , a black and white vampire wig and party goods to choose from as well.

Don’t forget to wear your blood tip  fangs !  Are you bringing a date to the party?  What about an authentic vampire bite for your date’s neck?!?  You’ll win the Best Costume Award for sure!

If you have a loving little vampire family, I recommend kids vampire costumes like the adorable Bat Girl or a light-up child’s vampire costume.   And check out the ever-popular gothic Halloween costumes for  teens .  Please remember Halloween costumes for  pets , too!

What about the little details to help you stand out in the crowd? 
Liquid Blood Caps for that “freshly fed” look
Men – Black Flame shoes are awesome!
Ladies – Don’t forget to add a 
Coffin Clutch  to complete your ensemble!

Something for everyone and every budget – check out the  clearance costumes !  Whatever your final choice may be, have a happy, well costumed and safe Halloween!

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